The seas and oceans are the cradle of life and a treasure to be cared for together.

Therefore, Life & Sea works actively to promote their conservation.

Sustainable fishing

Mass fishing is emptying our seas and oceans.


We believe that it is a task for all companies working in our waters to actively participate in direct actions to raise awareness and protect them. For this reason, we are committed to sustainable and traditional fishing and to responsible consumption that favours the diversity of species and the sea bed by promoting complementary activities. Furthermore, we are committed to transmitting to our clients the importance of these actions and of sustainable fishing methods.

Save Posidonia

Posidonia is a seaweed characteristic of our waters, and is the basis of an important marine ecosystem. Pollution and uncontrolled anchoring in these underwater meadows cause great damage to a multitude of species and for years, the importance of working for their protection has become clear.


We evaluate in detail the areas where we anchor, we promote awareness of the importance of conserving the Posidonia meadows and from our group we actively participate in projects for their conservation.

Marine educational project

We organize, together with Vellmarí, a training program in marine conservation and diving, supported by different companies committed to the cause.


Our objective is to connect children and young people with the marine ecosystem, create awareness and habits to reflect on in order to improve their actions with the underwater world in a fun and responsible way.